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    Minshuo is fully committed to meeting the needs of customers. This includes the development and continuous improvement of a quality management system that will be established. We provide quality services that fully meet the needs of our global customers. Through market services, we have passed the IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management System Standard. We are aware of the success our customers bring us, and our goal is to further enhance the quality of our products. To achieve this goal, we will focus on quality, delivery and production efficiency.


    quality policy

    1. Realize that top management and all organizational units are keen on quality. Quality assurance is the responsibility of every employee, and our future will focus on a quality position of customer satisfaction.

    2. By improving production capacity and shortening production cycle, we define quality as the elimination of variation.

    3. Prevent errors rather than monitor them to meet quality requirements.

    4. Establish a team and problem solving cooperation environment among all staff.

    5. Use statistical technology to improve product quality.

    6. Participate in the product program construction of customers and suppliers, so as to optimize the cost.



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