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    Mascot arc spring is an arc spring with multiple coils. The structure and size of each coil are supported. In order to make the spring have an arc shape in the free state and basically have no internal stress that will force each coil into linear alignment. This mascot arc spring is designed to function under load conditions while maintaining its natural arc shape. It is mainly used in automobile clutch and attached to clutch torsional shock absorber, which plays a role in mitigating impact. As we all know, the power of the car comes from the engine, and the power of the engine is intermittently sent out with the work of each cylinder. This kind of intermittent power will produce torsional impact, vibration and noise on automobile transmission system parts. In order to reduce this impact force, mascot arc spring plays such a role.

    Material:Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, other metal materials - copper, aluminum, musical instrument metal string

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