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    Serpentine spring is also called coupling spring. In mechanical transmission system, this kind of spring is responsible for transmitting torque and buffering. The structure is usually composed of two half shafts with several teeth and one or more coupling springs. The torque range of coupling spring is 26n * m ~ 800000n * M. the relative radial displacement of two half shafts is 0.5mm ~ 3mm, the axial displacement is 4mm ~ 20mm, and the angular displacement is 1 ° 15 '. Serpentine springs are supplied in groups (1 coil as a group, 1 piece as a group, 2 pieces as a group, 4 pieces as a group and 6 pieces as a group). The main materials used are 50CrVA; 60Si2MnA; 60Si2CrVA; sae6150; sae9254. The most common type of serpentine spring is JS series serpentine spring, which is mainly applicable to JS series serpentine spring coupling (JB / t8869-2000).


    Characteristics of JS series snake spring:

    1. Large installation deviation is allowed

    2. low working noise and excellent lubrication performance

    3. Good damping performance and long service life

    4. Light weight, simple structure, convenient assembly, disassembly and maintenance

    5. It has a large space to bear the variable load, and the starting safety is guaranteed

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