Automobile spring has the characteristics of extensibility and compression. When people drive the vehicle through a bumpy road section, the spring can absorb and release the bounce produced by the vehicle, reduce the amplitude of the vehicle bounce, so that the wheels maintain contact with the road surface as far as possible, and increase the ride comfort. The energy generated during the elongation of the automobile spring will be converted into heat energy and spread into the air under the operation of the shock absorber.  

Mascot automotive springs are mainly used in automotive suspension springs, automotive brake valves, clutches, rearview mirrors, door hinges, seats, wipers and so on.  

As we all know, the automobile spring for the spring precision and safety performance requirements are extremely high, Mascot strictly implement IOS16949:2016 quality system standards, strict working attitude, professional and rigorous products to provide you with the most thoughtful customized services to relieve your worries.