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  • Mascot Wave Springs offer the unique advantage of space savings when used to replace coil springs. By reducing spring operating height, wave springs also produce a decrease in the spring cavity. With a smaller assembly size and less material used in the manufacturing process, a cost savings is realized.Wave springs operate as load bearing devices. Theytake up play and compensate for dimensional variations within assemblies. A virtually unlimited range of forces can be produced whereby loads build either gradually or abruptly to reach a predetermined working height.This establishes a precise spring rate in which load is proportional to deflection. Functional requirements are necessary for both dynamic and static spring applications. Special performance characteristics are individually built into each spring to satisfy a variety of precise operating conditions. Typically,a wave spring will occupy an extremely small area for the amount of work it performs. The use of this product is demanded, but not limited to tight axial and radial space constraints.With their smooth, circular coiled sinusoidal wave form,and rolled round edges of pre-tempered raw material,edgewound Wave Springs offer many advantages over die stamped products.Loads and spring rates are more accurate, more predictable, and may be toleranced better than 50 percent tighter than stampings. The force of a Mascot Wave Spring will increase at a uniform rate throughout most of its available deflection.By any criteria,Wave Springs offer their users higher dependability and better performance. Since they are produced from full hard, pre-tempered raw material, there is no risk of distorting the spring during a hardening heat treatment. By contrast, subsequent manufacturing procedures for stamped wavy washers can lead to problems such as fatigue cracking and inaccurate or inconsistent loading between springs.All told, the metallurgy, the mechanical properties and the uniform dimensional stability of the edgewound Wave Spring provide a component for precision quality applications.

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